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Sounds tempting, but .. Why there is always this intruder in our intentions .. the word but’ annoying that immersing himself in our lives when introduced .. .. becoming a real Trojan horse 🙂
I would not like to waste my time for nothing, I’m really good at writing seriously I like very much science fiction in particular. ,
But to return to reason Earth’ that I hold ..
Chapter finance is the main culprit. I stood at that tends toward absolute zero, for those not think much about this part of my creative side .. and work as an ordinary man ..
Here in my country I have issues, I lived under communism, now live under capitalism and ironically, both systems are as poor me ..

We have time for all.

We have time for all.
To sleep, to run to the right and left,
regret we were wrong and wrong again
to judge others and to absolve ourselves
No time to read and write,
to correct what I wrote, I regret what I wrote,
we have time to make plans and do not respect them,
we have time to make illusions and gamble through their ashes later.
We have time for ambitions and diseases
to blame destiny and details,
we have time to watch the clouds, advertisements or some accident,
We have time to dispel questions, to postpone answers
No time to crush a dream and reinvent it,
we have time to make friends, to lose them,
No time to receive lessons and forget them quickly afterwards,
No time to receive gifts and not understand them.
We have time for all.
We have no time in exchange for a little humanity.

I was touched by tragedy Germanwings


in order to find solutions to avoid accidents, diversions and other incidents will propose some ideas specifically designed that if you analyze and consider useful would be happy to have been helpful in your work.Flight path, lane technical parameters could be enrolled in a computer memory, leaving the first
airport tower by the departure of the aircraft is practically an appointment from point to point.
This computer will be the supervisor of aircraft and pilots in particular, will not interfere with the flight parameters, leaving some leeway pilots, but at times you exit prescribed parameters, altitude, speed, direction, lane flight, engine speed, impaired appeared etc .. automatically communicate the nearest tower, which he in turn has his identity and data plane flight departure introduced as a personal way ticket for the aircraft, in turn relayed the tower up to the destination, the system is independent The pilots will (you know transponders, but are ineffective in changing situations data), so the system will be ideal and impossible to remove in case of misuse, or inability to drive the ship pilots, the system automatically enters the alert automatically announcing the tower of deviation detected.
Once alerted tower where appropriate, will contact the crew will warn of, or in case of suspicion will restore individual identification codes pilot predetermined departure, and individual pilots knew everything in the margin of a time,ensuring that pilots are not terrorists brainstorm so you can use code instead of real emergency, introduced as a pilot if cokpitul is besieged by terrorists..
The tower would read the code would interpret the emergency but will not betray situation, and so the tower will know that the plane is hijacked .
If the situation continues and the system is unlocked, and the offense continues ,automatically takes over the system would intervene total aircraft restoring and maintaining it as the default route to go on autopilot,it makes absolute blocking all orders from cokpit and people inside the door lock that secured the cell turns into potential criminals if they if they have not been the identity reconfirmation.
The same system can operate automatically return the aircraft to the nearest airport, where to be taken by remote tower and landed safely, even if cokpit are criminals, which might give off a gas to have done any harm.
Can you find aberrations, SF stories, technology has advanced enormously, is nothing implementing this system in actual aircraft, but requires a cost aircraft and passenger safety, the lives lost are not SF, are unfortunately painful reality.
About the current remote online remote operations are thousands of miles, where incisions are trivial micron directly on the patient, why not go and aircraft remote?
Also those black boxes, finding them is always a huge problem in disaster inacesibil ground, falls in ocean, total physical damage etc.
The flight recorders to be wired together with control towers and unload their permanent data stored in computer tower stopover or destination, whatever the key if the volume is too high, so finding them will not be a critic, because once flight data downloaded in the nearest tower located on the route to the destination, will be easy to access in case of need
necessary, even if not radio coverage distances as small as the amount of stored data, hence I hope this suggestion welcome.
Installing a permanent video hotlines is also essential and should facilitate work in piloting, resolving incidents, hijacking etc.

I wish you success and flights without incident!
Best regards and if you take into consideration something, I will stand by.